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BrandsZone Bangaladesh is a subset of the Multi-Tenant digital trading platform BrandsZone Global which brings together merchants, manufacturers, farmers, service providers and more within Bangladesh into a common marketplace which enables them to trade their indigenous brands at a Global level.

Why BrandsZone


Through the BrandsZone Global Platfrom merchants, manufacturers, farmers, service providers and others within Bangladesh are able to expose their products locally and worldwide. With its extensive product categories and sub-categories of products which is constantly increasing, BrandsZone Global (https://brandszone.com.bd) aim to make sure that suppliers and customers within the marketplace are able to make the best possible transactions - (the buying and selling of products).

The Environment

Our experienced staff of in-country brand ambassadors are always available to help merchants, manufacturers, farmers and others to socialize their products locally and globally. BrandsZone Global (https://brandszone.com.bd) pricing and delivery model coupled with our collaboration tools where Buyers can interact with Buyers, Sellers can interact with Sellers; Buyers can interact with Sellers and vice versa is considered by many as the ultimate trading experience for indigenous brands which seeks local and global exposure. This trading environment provides product manufacturers within Bangaladesh with the capability to expose their products locally and globally 24X7X365.

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